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Cincinnati Probate Lawyers John B. Cornetet, Elliott Stapleton, D. Todd Rush of CMRS Law created Ohio Probate Answers as a free online resource.

The purpose of this site is to provide legal information related to the most common Ohio Estate Administration questions. It allows an Executor, Executrix, or Trustee to gain a greater understanding of Estate law.

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Ohio Probate Answers?

The most common questions are listed below. Once you select your first question, there will be a list of similar probate questions on your selected legal topic. At the end of the answer, you can go back to the list of questions by clicking “List of Questions” or you can click on “Next Question” to read them in the order presented.

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an Estate Attorney?

Our firm provides services to clients in Hamilton County, Butler County, Clermont County, or Warren County. Feel free to submit your information to the Cincinnati Probate Lawyers of CMRK Law. You will receive a response to schedule a free phone or in person consultation.