Selling Real Estate?

Often one of the most valuable assets in a probate estate is also the most difficult asset: real estate.

With the value of real estate comes the expenses of maintaining the property, keeping up with the mortgage payments, paying the property taxes, and ultimately the costs associated with selling the property. When evaluating how to dispose of the property, it is important that you balance the desire to get top dollar for the sale with the costs associated with holding onto the real estate. Below we have a chart outlining the benefits and risk of listing the property with a real estate agent vs. disposing of the property in a private sale.

Have a home to Sell?

List with a Real Estate Agent

Sell to a Private Party

  • Pay 6% commission
  • Sit on the market for 30+ days
  • Allow a bunch of people to go through the house for showings
  • If you rely on a financing offer:
    • Required to fix problems with the house
    • Wait 45+ days to close
  • Pay no commissions
  • Cash offer in 48 hours
  • Close in 2 weeks
  • No repairs necessary
  • As-isNo Closing costs

If you would like further information on Private party sales we

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