What does an Executor do first?

(A Preliminary Executor Checklist for Ohio)

The following are the initial steps an Executor can take to begin the Administrative process:

  • Gather all records of bank accounts, real estate, personal property, business assets, life insurance, investments, retirement accounts (IRA, 401(k), Roth IRA), and other assets.


  • Collect all records of utilities, credit card statements, loan information, mortgage records, medical records, and any other debts owned by the deceased.


  • Request a copy of the homeowner’s insurance and car insurance to confirm coverage is still in place. (Also, review the Homeowner’s insurance to determine if there were any valuable items listed as a scheduled asset such as jewelry or artwork).


  • Retrieve certified copies of the death certificate. This is typically provided by the funeral home.


  • Contact a qualified Cincinnati Probate lawyer to advise you on how to proceed with administering the Estate. As an Executor, you have personal liability if a mistake is made with regard to the assets or liabilities.